We are all who have forgotten our true Selves in order to deeply experience living in the Grand Eperiment. The time has come for us as a species to awaken and begin to understand the magnitude of what it means to be sovereign. This website is dedicated to discovering and defining our Sovereignty.


Becoming acquainted with my new book

Book Description:

TMIG begins with an origin myth that explores sources of our ancient history from the works of Sitchin and others. This information is corroborated and expanded upon with recently revealed fascinating revelations from the WingMakers Materials (WMM) that tells a little known story of how humans came to be a suppressed and deceived species with amnesia of our true identity.
The book weaves myth, history, psychology, science, metaphysics, consciousness studies, social issues, original poetry and modern entertainment into a comprehensive tapestry designed to guide the reader through the recognition of an old suppressive paradigm to developing a personal wisdom path of love, hope and connection through the Power of the Heart.
The reader will come to understand not only how to cultivate a behavioral intelligence that has the power to activate the heart, but why the intelligence of the heart is so important. The Heart’s abilities and power are fast becoming the new frontier of spiritual exploration in humanities’ search for self-understanding.
Several of the ideas presented in this book are on the cutting edge of consciousness exploration and designed to make a significant contribution to the body of work being written about exploring the Power of the Heart. Many indications point to our species being nudged into an unprecedented phase of our collective transformation as we are discovering the tools needed to activate our Heart’s Intelligence. This transformational process will help us break down the walls of the suppression paradigm initially built by imposter gods. We are being challenged to examine outdated beliefs as we acquaint ourselves with archetypes that can bring us closer to understanding what it means to be an Individuated Consciousness enabling us to transcend the programming of the imposter gods. A Source Centered powerful model of existence awaits our recognition and embrace.
Transcending the Matrix of the Imposter Gods: Reclaiming the Heart’s Intelligence has twenty six chapters and is divided into five parts: Part One: Paradise Lost-The Matrix Naiveté Built; Part Two: The Ruse that Built a World of Oppression and Separation; Part Three: Searching for Truth through the Mirror of Perception; Part Four: Architects of a New Paradigm; and Part Five: Reclaiming our Heart’s Intelligence.

Parts One and Two describe the formation of the Matrix and the suppression paradigm; some of the topics explored in Part Three include chapters on: reality creating, the role of shame as debilitating overlays, entertainment’s place in presenting paradigm changing ideas, psychology’s path to the heart, and the death of loved ones.
Part Four features a variety of current heart-centered innovative programs. Part Five explores the multi-faceted spectrum of the power and consciousness of the heart and presents a new core belief matrix that will contribute significantly to reclaiming our Heart’s Intelligence and our rightful place as Infinite Sovereign Beings.

Five appendices are provided that include: a glossary of terminology; an exercise in working with polarities titled “Squares;” The Rubrics of the Emerald Tablet; Models of Existence as described in the WMM with a table that breaks down the characteristics of the three models; a poem mentioned in one of the chapters; and the Quantum Pause, an important breathing technique that is very helpful in working with and activating the heart’s intelligence. Five categorized bibliographies of references are provided as well. The body of the book has a word count of about 150,000 words and approximately 600 pages, not including the appendices and bibliographies.
This book can be purchased directly from Balboa Press through this website. It is also available through Amazon.

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