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Bully Archetype, Glass Ceilings and the Presidential Election 2016

I haven’t been writing much on this blog as of late as most of my spare time has been writing the revision of my book, Breaking Free of the Tyranny of Beliefs. I am not sure yet whether this revision will become a a new book or whether it will be a revised edition of the current one.  That decision has not been made yet.

Meanwhile an unprecedented presidential election is happening in the US.

I was working on the chapter about Archetypes when I was struck by some thoughts and realizations that I feel are important to be sharing now, before the election happens.  I am including this excerpt from the book  as I think the concept is very important for Americans to be considering as we near the climax of this election cycle by voting for the next president of the US.  I am fine with this article being shared as long as I am given credit for it and it is understood that this is an excerpt from a book under copyright.

Bully Archetype (or the oppressed and the oppressor)

A bully is described as a person who uses superior strength or influence to intimidate others and try to force them to do what the bully wants.

Synonyms (just Google the word) for the word bully include persecute, oppress, tyrannize, browbeat, harass, torment, intimidate, strong-arm, dominate, persecute, oppress, pressurize, force, goad, prod and badger.

Dictionary.com describes a bully as “a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.”

Watching this campaign with baited breath I am struck by how clearly the archetypes of the oppressor and the oppressed are being played out on the national stage.

This campaign cycle has become one of great historical significance by nominating the first female ever as a candidate for President of the United States. This is significant on the metaphysical stage as well as the physical stage.

The feminine has been oppressed and suppressed for centuries—she has been bullied.  Now we are seeing a ferocious and epic battle of the bully vs the one bullied being played out on a world stage—or the archetypal level.

These archetypes of the bully and the bullied have generated so much energy in this world that they actually have manifested two people who embody those energies and are playing this drama out on the world stage for us to witness. It is important for us as a species to recognize the significance of this.

Hillary Clinton embodies the archetype of the feminine and all that the feminine has endured in this country. She rose up from very humble beginnings. Her childhood experiences forced her to develop resilience and the tenacity to rise above her humble station to become one of the most recognized women in the world. She is intelligent and capable. She is a wife and mother as well as a professional woman. She has experienced many of the difficult life issues that many women face and endure every single day.   For a man that would be more than enough, but because she is a woman she is held to an almost impossible standard.

Trump embodies and is a caricature of the archetype of the bully and male as oppressor and all that has kept the feminine suppressed. He is a white misogynist male who comes from a wealthy family; he was and is privileged and had the world handed down to him through the family hierarchy. He doesn’t know what the everyday person endures. He has shown by his countless bankruptcies and mistreatment of people who have worked for him again and again that he has very few scruples when it comes to dealing fairly with people and that he could care less about anyone’s best interests but his own.

For some reason that baffles myself and many others,  he is not held to the same high standard as Hillary. He is accepted at a much lower bar. Previous candidates have been disqualified for half the shenanigans this guy has pulled. Why is he still even being considered? But i digress..

Trump in his acceptance speech for the GOP nomination said he will do it all for his fans and like some superhero he will swoop down and solve the world’s problems on his own. For those still locked in the paradigm of needing a savior this is a knee-jerk response to turn to and follow someone who promises to make everything OK. If you read between the lines he is setting himself up to become our king and direct the world as he sees fit. His track record has shown that he is not a team player. He has a one-dimensional dictator mentality. He is divisive, bullying and polarizing and will not play fairly in the sandbox of the world stage.  His trip to Mexico angered the Mexican government enough that I am concerned we could end up in a war with Mexico if he should be elected and that is just the beginning. He is a bully through and through and on the world stage that mentality can only bring devastation.

Over the last four years especially, a seething festering cesspool of frustration has been generated by an obstructive Republican  congress who has blocked government at every turn and that anger has spilled out into the creation of this renegade nominee; but it is misguided anger. It isn’t the liberal or progressive ideology who has been doing the obstructing, it is the Republican party. I find it so ironic that Trump’s GOP followers are the angriest and it is their party that did the obstructing!

Trump has found a way to communicate with the primitive reptilian brain that wallows in fear and paranoia and he has riled that fear into a frenzy of anger for people who feel disenfranchised by the system. They think he is speaking their language. He is really manipulating them because his words do not have any substance to them. They are simply key words to excite and rile up the reptilian brain.

Hillary in her acceptance speech made a call to unity when she expressed the sentiment that it is important for everyone to work together. She is realistic in understanding that no leader accomplishes their platform alone. It takes cooperation and working together and the sharing of ideas to succeed. She is about respect and unity and honoring all people regardless of gender, gender orientation, religion or race. She is a call to reason and sanity. People who have worked closely with her have the utmost of respect for her and see her as honest and authentic.

Females are characteristically more social and cooperative and Hillary has demonstrated that trait strongly in her life’s work. She has worked hard to help our government create policies that protect and help children.  She is a champion of children and the family and a very dedicated public servant.  The Clinton Foundation has been instrumental in helping people all over the world access needed medications for chronic diseases and other philanthropic works.

All of the above observations lay the groundwork for us to see the dynamics at play and then to look beyond two personalities to a larger picture because it is in that larger picture that very important things are happening for our species in general on the stage of archetypal energies.  Archetypes are patterns of energy that affect humans. It is a fascinating subject and there are some major archetypes at work in this situation.

The archetypal battles I see being played out in this campaign are:

• Between divisiveness and unity

• Between the oppressive male and the suppressed female;

• The bully and the one being bullied

• The reigning of the good ole boys vs a new order that embraces and unifies all

• The shattering of another glass ceiling in nominating a woman for president

Now in the United States we have nominated a woman for president, who if elected promises to look at ways to unite us and work together with others to solve problems. The feminine worldview which is typically collaborative by nature would bring a fresh approach to our government and to our international relationships.

So the questions we must ask ourselves are:

Do we allow the bully archetype to continue to gain momentum?

Do we allow someone to take office who will make the plight of women and children even worse because of his oppressive, misogynistic attitudes?

Do we vote in a man who wants to do away with the minimum wage and food regulations and who genuflects to the rich only and worships at the alter of filling only his own coffers?

Human right battles have been fought for years to attain minimum wage, women and children’s rights, racial rights, gender rights, religious freedom. Do we want to jeopardize these hard fought and hard won battles by electing a man with such an overgrown bully mentality that we could begin to lose all those rights?  Is this as good as it is going to get in this country?? If we elect Trump I am afraid the answer is yes.

This political battle is significant on so many levels and the outcome will affect the human species for generations to come. This is an archetypal battle of unprecedented proportions and the future of our species could be hanging in the balance.

Let personalities go–look at the BIG Picture…….Please……


2 Responses for " Bully Archetype, Glass Ceilings and the Presidential Election 2016 "

  1. Lark Batey Lark Batey September 24th, 2016 at 7:51 pm 1

    Thanks Sue for your comments and I think your observations about education are right on and relevant too.. I agree with you that it is important–critical– that young people learn to think beyond testing..

  2. Sue Sue September 23rd, 2016 at 8:52 pm 2

    Wow! My thoughts too, but explained much better than I could! I also think that the lack of focus on history, civics, and human sociology in our schools (and elsewhere) is catching up with us. Many citizens no longer know how we got here and what it takes to keep our country and world going in a positive direction. When we stopped the real dialogue in education in favor of “training for testing” we lost opportunities for thinking thru controversial issues in sane and respectful ways. Thank you for this issue into words.

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