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Hit Over the Head with a Slightly Different Perspective On Trump

There are many in this country who struggle with the Trump presidency and I include myself in that group. I recently had a powerful insight and I am throwing a lesson I learned into our collective ring in hopes of jump starting a meaningful conversation.

I love the book Quantusum[1] by James Mahu, a 700 page novel that tells a multidimensional, powerful and evocative adventure story from the viewpoint of the main character, Solomon. It is chock full of insightful gems of wisdom and I often open it at random and read whatever is opened to me as the message for the day. I am never disappointed.

On this particular night I opened to the chapter titled “It.”  The chapter is too long to quote in its entirety so I will summarize it with some pertinent quotes to help explain my realizations.

Solomon finds himself bound and in the presence of an awful creature. He tells us that he could not tell if the creature was male or female, its face was “deformed, ancient and without any sense of ethnicity, though it was human…I think.” The creature had pale-yellow eyes attached to a hideous face and watched him with strange curiosity. He asks Solomon if he recognized him in a “calculating and androgynous” voice. Solomon shook his head.  The being explained “I am what you are, but in the lowest dimensions. I am the fossil record of your existence. I am the shadow. I am what you have ignored, feared, denied and lavishly repudiated.”

Solomon is puzzled about how he arrived in this creature’s world. The creature responded that he didn’t know either as Solomon wasn’t supposed to be there and that is why he bound him. The creature explained that if his world is entered it is usually through a drug or a dream. He could tell that Solomon wasn’t dreaming because he could detect whether or not Solomon was awake. He explained “every feeling that emanates from you that is of anger and fear comes to me—through this cord. I can detect whether you are awake or dreaming. The energy is very different. Just as you can tell when you are eating fruit or a chocolate bar.”

[1] Mahu, James Quantusum Planetwork Press Egg Harbor Township, NJ © 2012 www.planetworkpress.com


The being then coaxed Solomon into looking at him until he could finally see a faint tube or cord that was like an umbilical cord that was “undulating between us like a piece of string floating on the wind. It went from my (Solomon’s) stomach area to the creatures, and inside this cord I could see something moving between us.” Solomon explained that it was “subtle like tiny packets of colored light.” Solomon asked the creature what it was and the being explained that it was “what connects us. It’s the tether that runs between us, nourishing me, providing me with what I need to live.” Solomon was puzzled as to why he would want to nourish this thing and as he struggled in his bindings asked the creature “If I nourish you, give you life, how is it that you have power over me?” The creature smiled as it responded “you gave it to me every time you experienced fear, guilt, anger, greed, selfishness, hatred and a few other vices…”

The story continues with the creature testing Solomon by taunting and scaring him to see what he could do to get more nourishment from Solomon and decides he wants to hold Solomon prisoner indefinitely as he is getting some delicious nourishment.

At a certain juncture in the chapter a character familiar to Solomon appears and helps Solomon realize that this creature is a part of him and explained that “all the darkness, all the spite, misery, misdirected energy that you’ve put out in the time you’ve incarnated on this planet, it had to go somewhere” and it went to create this creature.  It was explained to Solomon that feelings are energy and energy is conserved and transformed to a new state and the creature was that state. He learned that he could liberate himself and the creature by recognizing the part he had played in its creation.

More intense conversation resulted in the reversal of the energy from the creature to Solomon and as he felt the flow of the energy from the creature go into him he began to feel alone and abandoned.  Solomon heard himself saying “I’m so lonely….I have lived in this darkened place, one of the scorned. I watch the darkness. It is all there is. Nothing passes between us that can ease my hurt and sense of loneliness. Nothing.”

It was at this juncture in the story that I had the most profound realization and it centers on the belief that we are all connected on some level of our existence.

I began to see the aspect of Trump who is acting as president right now as a monstrous apparition; a being with the unique ability to connect with the Reptilian brain—the seat of fear; an energy vampire created and nourished psychically by the hidden agendas of so many hate groups—the white nationalists, the fascists, the ones who fear and/or hate any religion but their own and by those who feel betrayed by their government. Trump was going to drain the swamp and instead he has created a swamp with quicksand that sucks anyone in who gets close to him.  He thrives on his rallies where he can stir up his base with battle cries of hate towards anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He seems to become energized by the fear and anger and frustration he conjures up.

I began to wonder if we have collectively created and are feeding him through the anguish each of us has felt individually and collectively. I could see how he could be the projection of our shadow.

Like the creature in the story trying different tactics to scare Solomon for his nourishment, Trump is constantly doing things to stir up fear and get attention. He is a hateful and vindictive energy vampire and is becoming more so every day.

I have said many times that if he was an average human he would have succumbed under all the negative feelings that have been projected to him since before his election, but instead they seem to enliven him and I have often wondered if he is human???? This chapter literally hit me over the head with the stark realization that we could possibly be feeding the hateful, vindictive side of him with our fear of what he might destroy next and our hatred of him might be empowering him!

So I have challenged myself to an experiment and I invite anyone who wants to join me.  It isn’t a new idea; I think some groups and individuals do this already but maybe it’s worth a more expanded conversation. I am going to try to focus on transforming the negative energy of my feelings towards him into positive ones I can send to our collective consciousness with the idea of creating constructive outcomes in this country.

I am wondering what would happen if we simply ignored his antics and fear tactics and hateful tweets and directed our energies towards sending love and compassion to the victims of his cruelty. He thrives on attention, so maybe the most effective way to take the wind out of his sails is to not give him any. I know it won’t be easy to ignore him!!! But—I wonder if it would be effective?  I know there are truly times when Valor or speaking truth to power is necessary but what if we have gotten so worked up collectively that we are serving this monster and helping him grow???

I believe we are in an age of transparency. Dark behaviors on all levels of government and business are being revealed at lightning speed and I think it was the decades of dark behaviors that created this apparition, put it front and center and in our faces for us as a nation to become aware of so we have to deal with it.

Now may be the time the Forces for Good and Decency in this world are asking us to take responsibility for the darkness that stalks this earth as we become aware of it; draw in our projections and bathe them in forgiveness and project compassion to our world. If we perchance have created this apparition, then we can un-create it by taking away its nourishment.

What if we began to focus on projecting love in the form of compassion and understanding into the pain in our country during our prayers and meditations? What if we began focusing our conversations more on the positive policies we want established in the next election and ignored Trump as much as we can?

In the story, Solomon realizes he must become or accept this darkness within him. He said…”and then I could feel a voice…so ancient that I knew it was not of my reality, or any I had ever experienced before. This was a voice from the beginning, though I can’t say if it was my beginning or that of the universe.  My mind was mute. I was possessed by some force that even the creature, judging from its look was in awe of it. My mouth opened while something eternal held me. ‘You have chosen to feel and understand that part of you that is lost in darkness. All humans have that aspect, and are precisely this part of you that will instruct you in the ways of forgiveness, compassion, understanding and love. It is the gift of demons to create angels.’”

This story offers an archetypal illustration of a powerful truth that we can take to heart to help us look at this situation in a new light. I do believe in the long run Love Wins but it might be up to each of us to be the transmitters of that love.

© Lark Aleta Batey April 2019 all rights reserved

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  1. Darlene Berges Darlene Berges July 25th, 2019 at 1:54 pm 1

    Your understanding of Quantusum is awesome. This new insight should help us all as we travel this path in these times. Thank you so very much for your writings.

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