We are all who have forgotten our true Selves in order to deeply experience living in the Grand Eperiment. The time has come for us as a species to awaken and begin to understand the magnitude of what it means to be sovereign. This website is dedicated to discovering and defining our Sovereignty.


Breaking Free from the Tyranny of Beliefs
A Revolution in Consciousness

Humanity is on the threshold of an unparalleled shift in consciousness. This book identifies and challenges a matrix of beliefs that are resisting that shift.

Part One begins with historical events that define the Matrix. Chapter Three takes us deeper into our collective and ancient history by telling the story of the Grand Experiment.

Part Two explores archetypal influences through the discussion of universal paths of awakening, the shadow, projection, anima and animus and offers an example of The Fool’s Journey through Tarot. The power of metaphor is demonstrated through the author’s personal experiences with two stories: The Phantom of the Opera and The Elephant Man.

Part Three delves into the formation of psychological overlays, explains the play of duality, and gives practical tools for recognizing and working with personal beliefs. This section also addresses shame in the formation of overlays, as well as bonding and attachment in infancy and childhood. These influences make a substantial contribution to the formation of our personal belief systems.

Part Four begins with a discussion of quantum physics and spirituality, and talks about waves, particles and the Zero Point Field as they are relevant to working with our belief systems. This section touches on the many similarities both science and metaphysics share. Other subjects in Part Four include a discussion of the trance of time and simultaneous time, the function of the ego and the paradoxes of spiritual awakening.

The last chapter identifies each belief of the Core Belief Matrix, defines the belief; discusses emotions and issues generated by the belief; offers examples of self-talk used to perpetuate the belief; illustrates how the belief is applied in everyday life; and finally identifies the key to liberation from each belief. The book ends by identifying Twelve Beliefs that are Changing the World.

The process in this book will take the reader on a profound journey of self-discovery into life affirming change. Many chapters end in Exploration exercises to help the reader personally apply the information presented in the chapter.

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