We are all who have forgotten our true Selves in order to deeply experience living in the Grand Eperiment. The time has come for us as a species to awaken and begin to understand the magnitude of what it means to be sovereign. This website is dedicated to discovering and defining our Sovereignty.


Breaking Free from the Tyranny of Beliefs

At the foundational level of westernized cultures is a Core Belief Matrix. This matrix consists of seven imbedded beliefs that bind us to a three dimensional world of limitations.

Author Lark Batey takes the reader on a fascinating and liberating journey of systematic investigation and self exploration that reveals the ruse of the matrix and transports the reader to the discovery of the sovereign self.

As a consciousness explorer, the reader will travel through historical events that defined the matrix, experience the story of our origins through the mythology of The Grand Experiment, and learn more about archetypal influence by traversing the mountains and valleys of our inner landscape through The Fool’s Journey and other universal paths of awakening.

Traveling deeper into one’s psyche, the explorer discovers how the play of duality, psychological overlays, and shame deepen the oppression of the Matrix’s hold upon us. The next destination on the journey takes the explorer to the field of all possibilities, where glimpses of the sovereign self appear.

Finally, the matrix can be dismantled and the Explorer can Break Free from the Tyranny of Beliefs—to dream new dreams that will create new worlds.

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