We are all who have forgotten our true Selves in order to deeply experience living in the Grand Eperiment. The time has come for us as a species to awaken and begin to understand the magnitude of what it means to be sovereign. This website is dedicated to discovering and defining our Sovereignty.




This blog post will illustrate an Event String I experienced that provided me with a profound life changing insight. It also illustrated to me an example of how an event string works.

An event string essentially is a series of experiences that link together and bring a person to a deeper understanding or to a specific outcome. James (Wingmakers) says in a glossary entry– “Event strings are engineered from multiple sets of consciousness..there are many different varieties of event-strings. Some are more dependent on external forces than an intermingling of cooperatively functioning consciousnesses. Some are more personal in nature as in the case of a soul’s birth or passing, while others are designed for universal functions. Some are designed to be catalytic while others are preventative in nature.” (To read the entire definition of an Event String go to the following link: http://www.wingmakers.com/eventstrings.html ).

I recently revisited the paper written by Christopher Locke regarding the Ancient Arrow Book Chamber 17 painting. (It can be found at http://www.wingmakers.com/products2.html or by going to the Wingmakers website and going to the product page where the chamber paintings are available. If you scroll down you will see his paper available for download for a very small fee)

I was more repulsed than attracted to this painting the first time I saw it, but after studying Mr. Locke’s paper and understanding more about the message of the painting it has become one of my favorites. Sometimes repulsion is just as effective in leading us somewhere as attraction is.

My first response to the painting was “why would someone paint a figure of a somewhat skeletal head with a dagger going through the top of it?” And my next thought was “and why would anyone ever want that picture hanging on their wall?” Well, the dagger turns out to be a very interesting dagger-a transformative Dagger of Light, and I do have a small copy of the picture now hanging on my wall in my living room. It was included in the download of the paper.

Christopher Locke has a wonderful grasp of the symbolism of the Ancient Arrow Chamber Paintings and I have found his papers to be very catalytic in helping me to understanding the paintings.

First event on this string: Prior to my second visit to the Chamber 17 paper, I had been reading the Lyricus discourses (Lyricus.org) and studying them with the commentaries by John Berges. (I found Mr. Berges’s commentaries on the discourses on the Planetwork Press website.) Mr. Berges’s papers reflect a very deep grasp of the spectrum of information that has become the Wingmakers/Lyricus/EventTemples material and are very useful as study companions to the material.

Lyricus discourse 2-Calling Forth the Wholeness Navigator ( lyricus.org )  encourages the student to learn as much as possible about the Human Instrument so that we can come to utilize the abilities and potential of the HI for the multifaceted creation that it is. The discourse spoke of our human proclivity to spend too much time trying to get out of our HI instead of understanding what we are here for and the purpose of being in our bodies. The discourse encourages the student to learn as much as possible about their HI as a way towards the expansion of consciousness we seek.

Although not necessarily what I wanted to hear, as I began thinking about the concept it became liberating. I came to realize that we are only trapped in this body when we do not understand our reasons for being in physical expression in the first place. Through a transformative process that includes art, music, information and other mediums we are able to activate parts of our HI otherwise lying dormant within us waiting for the summons brought on by the various triggers and activating practices. The process of activation brings on transformation and expansion of our consciousness while living in a Human Instrument. I let those ideas sit in my psyche and do their work.

Next event was the Chamber 17 paper by Mr. Locke. He explains the dagger of light in the head of the figure in the painting in great detail. I won’t go into that here, as his article is available for that. I will say that the symbols in the painting are deeply transformative and that every line, symbol and color in the painting has profound meaning.

After studying and writing about the painting, Locke describes an experience that he had that he called the Thunderous Silence and he said it had a transformative and lasting effect on his consciousness. He believes the experience was catalyzed by his work with the painting.

In the paper Locke also discussed Neil Slade’s work with the amygdala and correlated the dagger of light in the figure’s head in Chamber 17; his experience with the Thunderous silence; the “popping of the frontal lobe” while playing with the amygdala of Slade’s work in a positive way. That intrigued me, so I found Mr. Slade’s website (www.neilslade.com). He has recently released a book titled “Tickle Your Amygdala.” (It was available for download on my kindle and so I ordered it through Amazon. I love this new technology-click of a button on Amazon and I have a book. It just doesn’t get any better than that!)

The amygdala is found in the brain in a set of two, one on each side about the size of a walnut. It is located about an inch inside your head from your temples, halfway between the outside corner of your eyes and ears. Tests, experiments and research have been conducted over the past 30 or so years and science knows a lot about the amygdala. If it is pointing backward it stimulates the reptile brain and keeps one in survival and if one lives in the reptile brain one lives a very superficial life style. “The reptile brain is as emotionless as any cold blooded reptile and merely reacts with the environment. It computes primal thought concerned only with the individual organism’s self-survival and primal instincts. The reptile brain computes ‘me me ME!’ type behavior.” (The Frontal Lobes Supercharge by Neil Slade.)

If one learns to click the amygdala forward through consciously directing thought that is the beginning of stimulating the frontal lobes-the seat of our creativity, intelligence, humanitarian thinking etc. Neil’s book is all about that subject and too much to go into here.

Next event: I began experimenting with his suggestions after reading how to do it. Mr. Slade suggests imagining a feather to tickle your amygdala or a butterfly in the middle of the head with a wing stretch that reaches each amygdala.

I was on an airplane flying home from visiting my son. I often have revelations in airplanes, not sure why but I do. This was one of those plane flights. I decided to play around with the butterfly in my head tickling my amygdala, and the butterfly morphed into just wings and I realized that I could use any wings, as they have this span that can brush the amygdala. As I am playing with this I had this aha moment and that is the next event string.

If one goes to www.sovereignintegral.org one will see a large blue figure with small wings at the back of his head. I always wondered why the wings were so small and at the back of the figure’s head instead of his back like we usually see creatures or angels and the like. Literally they couldn’t function as wings that would help someone to fly. Now I realized a clue that could shed some light onto why the wings were placed as they were.

I am sitting there high above the earth, squeezed into this vise they call an airplane seat and having the time of my life. I could see James grinning. I haven’t met him, don’t know what he looks like but I could see him grinning.

James has said that Wingmakers is an encoded word, and what I realized is likely not the only reason for that name but it sure made sense to me that it was a clue to one facet of the name Wingmakers and this amazing journey.

Chamber 17 painting illustrates how transformative energy affects our brain as the dagger of light penetrates deep into our brains. James, Locke and Slade helped me to realize on a purely anatomical level how that activation happens; by clicking the amygdala forward and by tickling it gently with imaginative wings.

Slade recommends that a positive mindset is helpful to click the amygdala forward-the energy goes into the frontal lobes (higher mental processes) of the brain; a negative mindset will click it backwards and into the reptile brain and into negative/survival behaviors. In order for us to access our higher mind and its abilities and functions we have to get out of survival mode which means getting out of the reptile brain and into the frontal lobes.

Previous ruminations on the importance of The Six Heart virtues-appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor came to mind as these virtues activate our heart center. They are the spectrum of the expression of Divine Love. If we are incorporating the six heart virtues into our everyday lives to the best of our ability, we are apt to stimulate the amygdala and activate the frontal lobes in a positive, consciousness developing way which allows the Dagger of Light transformative access to our consciousness. They all work together-and one of the keys to accelerating this process is learning how to use our Wings!!

As all these realizations came together I had the profound understanding of how we are guided and I knew without a doubt that I could trust that the information would be provided as we are ready. It is all there. It can come from many different sources and teachers and events. The words seem obvious as I write them but the realization of how deeply we are guided when we ask to be was intense to me. It took on an entire new level of realization of the unfathomable connection we have to that guiding force that penetrates our consciousness.

Slade interviewed people in his book that have had experiences similar to Locke’s Thunderous Silence by tickling their amygdala which leads me to the next Event string.

An event that I think was part of the preparation for what I will describe below happened the day before I flew home. I had a Traditional Thai Massage at the Thai Royal Massage studio in Scottsdale, AZ. I had been dealing with some pain in my right hip with it locking on me when I stand or sit for any length of time and it had become quite painful and restrictive. The massage was the BEST massage I have ever received and I used to be a Massage Therapist. When the therapist worked on my hip and back he released a lot of blocked energy in that area as it has not bothered me since the massage.

I am home the next day after my plane ride. After taking care of creature things-unpacking, groceries, and stuff like that I sat down to meditate using my newly discovered wings. I went into a deep meditation caressing my amygdala with my wings. I was in that state quite a while when I felt/heard a noise on my left side near the bottom of my spine. At the same time I began hearing a unique rhythm that sounded like it was being made by big hollow drums. I heard the drums on the left/back side of my head and then this rush at the bottom of my spine traveled to the top of it and shook me very hard. It scared me as it was very intense and took me totally by surprise. It wasn’t pleasant and it took complete control of me and frightened me. It was so intense that I found myself resisting it. It didn’t last very long, but I remained anchored and unable to move still in that deep state when all of a sudden it began again including the drum beats. I found myself feeling that same fear but was able to relax into it more. This time it felt like someone was taking the tips of three fingers and pushing or kneading the right side of my brain. This rush was a few degrees less intense and it didn’t seem to last as long.

After that subsided I began seeing the most incredibly beautiful colors swirling, then my whole head was filled with a bright golden light. I don’t know how long it remained when it morphed into an orange and then fuchsia color. I was enchanted by the colors. As I remained in that meditative state I felt some pressure at the top of my head, and then a headache in the right temporal lobe. It was quite intense and lasted until I got up and moved around when it gradually subsided.

Coming out of the meditation was physically hard. My body felt extremely heavy and glued to my chair. I had a very difficult time opening my eyes. During the experience I felt other things but I cannot remember them now enough to describe them. I have never had an experience like that. I remained under its spell for many hours after it happened.

From other’s descriptions of the experience and effects of it when it happened to them, I don’t think I experienced the Thunderous Silence; it might have been a Kundalini experience or something related to Kundalini. I really don’t know. I didn’t have any major revelations at the time of this event; it was all a physical experience but a powerful one. I wasn’t much different right after than I was right before the experience, but I am the type that processes things over time so it will be interesting to see what the next weeks bring.

It is a week later as I finish writing about this event string. Over the week I have made strides in a couple of personal areas previously blocked which is very encouraging. I do feel more cherished and guided, more secure somehow. A sense of liberation has settled in, a feeling of expansion. And-I have been able to synthesize these elements to recognize the powerful event string I was riding. That is a revelation.

I have read that the body takes a little more time to catch up to the mind in the transformational process. Insights come easily and freely to me, and I have felt the pressure sensations in the top of my head off and on for years. They are happening more frequently since the physical event just described. I also enjoy very pleasant sensations in my head and body when I stimulate the amygdala.

I think I have found my wings and like any fledgling, I will have many stops and starts as I hone my flying skills, but I am so grateful to this Event String that has led me to the discovery of a major key in my journey of exploration.

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