We are all who have forgotten our true Selves in order to deeply experience living in the Grand Eperiment. The time has come for us as a species to awaken and begin to understand the magnitude of what it means to be sovereign. This website is dedicated to discovering and defining our Sovereignty.



There are no guarantees when someone comes into our life how long they will be there.  Most everyone who has lived very many years on terra-earth  has loved someone who comes in and out of their life often for a brief period of time, leaving  a deep impact.  It is an important part of our journey into the realization of all that we are to understand the impact that kind of a relationship has on us.

The following poem is about one such relationship and how I came to understand this person’s purpose in my life.  This poem is about the last time we saw each other.   The writing of this poem and the realizations I had because of it were life giving to me and if I may say so one of my favorite poems.


I walked barefoot in the surf

The cold water rushing in and out

Playing around my feet

Sifting the sand through my toes

And thought of you


I remembered your face

That familiar dear smile

That used to make my heart race

As your eyes met mine

And as the fresh sea air kissed me

I remembered kissing you.


I reflected for a long time

Watching the sea gulls and the surf

On all the feelings that rushed through me

When we were together

And how good it felt to hold you

If only briefly again.


I basked in the delicious warmth

Of the sun

Remembering the warm feeling

That always came through your eyes

And for a while I remembered

Just remembered


My beloved friend,

You introduced me to my soul

For that I will always be grateful

But when you left for good

And I went so long without hearing from you

It hurt–and

I felt as though my Soul had gone too

And for a while I was very lost.


But my Soul, Bless it

Found me in the Tower

And comforted me

helping me to discover

places you could not

I realized all you could do was open the door, no more.


My Precious Friend

a projection of my Inner Teacher

For awhile

I know now we are equal

Travelers from the same womb

Here to love and help each other

And through our experience

Understand our Divine origins better.


I watched a ship fade into the horizon

And thought of how afraid

I was to see you again.

Losing you was so hard

I didn’t want the fire re-ignited

But I had to know.


I felt sad and relieved

Sad at the innocence we lost

Relieved at the realizations I found

Deep joy at the connection

We will always have.


Please understand when I say

It felt so good not to need you

And still love you

And realize your part

In the journey of following my heart


You became my teacher

And introduced me to my Soul

Now, I’m becoming aware of my own power

Following the path to my own destiny

I open my heart to the Universe

Breathe a silent prayer of thanks

For the important part you played.


The water laps around my feet

The sea gulls seem to hear my prayer

And the sun winks at me through the clouds.


They know.

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