We are all who have forgotten our true Selves in order to deeply experience living in the Grand Eperiment. The time has come for us as a species to awaken and begin to understand the magnitude of what it means to be sovereign. This website is dedicated to discovering and defining our Sovereignty.



I was shown a sketchy map in my adolescence, a discovery of ancient lies.   I resented the knowing as it set me apart from others my age and took away my delight in the holidays and celebrations that others believed and participated in. This map became my nemesis, my companion, the blue print of my life’s purpose. I respected it, I resented it. I could not ignore it.

I set sail on a sea of questions. My ship of exploration was tossed relentlessly in a storm of disillusionment by beliefs that didn’t make sense. I visited many ports of ideas, seeking shelter from the squalls of doubts and fears and inconsistencies in harbors of philosophies that never quite fit,  always searching for something I knew not what, only that I would recognize it when I found it.

Sometimes a seemingly strange but intriguing idea will arrive at the doorstep of one’s awareness. If it is compelling enough to interest one in opening the door the idea will enter, take up residence and begin its work.  I think of such an idea as a “trigger concept”– a concept that nudges something deep inside to begin its journey to the surface of one’s consciousness for further investigation.  Once a trigger word makes itself at home it creates sensitivity to anything that will feed it and help it to grow.

For years I have been intrigued with the concept of spiritualizing the physical body.  I didn’t actually know what it meant, or how to do it or even what purpose it would serve if I could accomplish such a feat.  It was just one of those concepts that attracted me, perked up my spiritual ears, kept me interested.

I first came across the concept while reading some of Sri Aurobindo’s writings and also those of his student, Satprem.  The material was quite esoteric; I read it over 15 years ago. Not much of what I read stayed with me in a way that I could tell you what I had read, except the idea of   spiritualizing our physical body.  I attended Darshans led by Leslie Temple-Thurston while I lived in California in the late 90’s and she touched on the concept feeding it, keeping it alive within me.

My book Breaking Free from the Tyranny of Beliefs, A Revolution in Consciousness was a way for me to record many of the highlights of my spiritual journey into a pragmatic and coherent work. I am now beginning to realize that it also was a documentation of the trajectory I had been put on by several trigger concepts, including spiritualizing the body. Little did I know it was all a preparation for a fascinating new level of understanding that would take me to the information I had been seeking my entire life.

During the course of writing the book, I came to the point where I had to identify the level of consciousness I felt we needed to aspire to.  I searched for a term that was not overused and would be precise enough to relay a particular message. I played with many terms but the only one that resonated with me was the idea of sovereignty.  I wanted to convey autonomy and independence; liberation from limiting belief systems.  I wanted to portray a state of awareness that would be intriguing enough to challenge an individual to want to stand back from what is believed, question it, play with it, experiment with it and make an experienced decision about choosing to believe it.   Sovereignty was the idea that came the closest to describing that state of awareness. Sovereign became another trigger word to take up residence in my psyche.

In one of the first papers I read in the Wingmakers Material, The Shifting Models of Existence James the author of the paper, talks about two models of existence that humanity is working within—the evolution/saviorship model and the transformation/mastership model.  The former was the most common model to be incorporated into the mass consciousness; the latter is getting more press as a belief system that can take humanity in a new direction. This new direction will ultimately lead to a specific kind of sovereignty.

James’s article is a deep and captivatingly rich article worth the time to read and study. I won’t get into it here other than by introduction. (It can be found on www.WingMakers.com.)   I do want to say that it was another thread for me. James explains in fascinating detail the difference between the two models and several pieces of the puzzle in my consciousness clicked together as I studied this information.

One of the beliefs I identified as part of the Core Belief Matrix–that we need a savior in order to be accepted into the Kingdom of God–was a significant trigger in my searching.  I talk at length about this belief in my book as one of the limiting beliefs of the Core Belief Matrix, as I do not believe that anyone can “save” us.  The idea of transformation-mastership has resonated with me for a very long time. I was unsure how transformation worked; it just resonated with me as truth, and as another one of those ideas that had taken up residence waiting to be nurtured so it could grow.

I struggled for years trying to feel any conviction regarding the idea that someone else could “save” me or anyone else by dying a brutal death and by submitting to such a thing actually win God’s approval. My question kept coming back to “what kind of god would demand such suffering to please him?”  The teachings just didn’t resonate with me, no matter how hard I tried to believe them.  So I was elated to come across this very coherent material that did indeed talk about a new level of consciousness that went beyond the idea of needing a savior.   A  Synthesis Model of Being….certainly some ideas to seriously explore.

I end my book with the following statement:

Now I see on the horizon the potential and the way for humanity to forge ahead into an unprecedented era, an axial or pivotal age of wholeness, individual sovereignty, humane treatment for all and a human consciousness that is aware, and actualized on a harmonious earth.  And such a world is our birthright as Sovereign Beings.

I could sense the horizon but didn’t know how we were to get there or what it would look like. I sustained the conviction that once those beliefs no longer maintain their stronghold, new information would fill its place that would help us move to the next step.

Fifteen years or so ago I was “triggered” by a concept that we can spiritualize the body.  As I wrote the book the only word that resonated with me that would define the state of consciousness I was trying to describe in order to Break Free of the Matrix was a Sovereign state of consciousness.

In our collective memory, ancient and dormant lie our origins, ready to be called forth by a word, a concept, an idea; something that activates the series of events strung together by threads of understanding that lead to discovery.  One of those threads for me was the idea set forth by Sri Aurobindo that we can bring spirit into matter and that particular thread kept me searching until I discovered the concept of the Sovereign Integral in the Wingmakers Material as my book went to press.

The Sovereign Integral, according to James was our state of consciousness before we became human beings and the state of consciousness we will ultimately return to.  James has a specific definition of Sovereign Integral. I respect that, and my intention here is not to detract from or build onto his definition. This particular  offering  is about how the triggers and threads in my journey brought me to the discovery of the concept of the Sovereign Integral and why I think it is important.

I think the word Sovereign is a key trigger word creating sensitivity to a new concept that will take humanity in a transformative direction. The idea and concept of Sovereignty ushers in a new paradigm of thought, awareness and aspiration.

What does that mean for us individually?  I think personal outcome is open-ended to a point. Individual enlightenment and liberation from the game are certainly part of the goal but there is more to it.  If we have any kind of guidance on the Unseen Friend level, that guidance will assess our readiness to learn and utilize certain principles, especially as we venture into areas of consciousness that hold great spiritual power.

When this game of physical reality began to function limitations were placed on the power humans had available to them as part of the game plan. Those limitations would remain in place as long as we believe the game is real and choose to remain in an incomplete state of consciousness.  That is the whole premise of my book.  What beliefs hold us hostage and keep us stuck in the Core Belief Matrix and how do we break free? And after we break free, then what?

The world is full of people who are powerful as far as having a lot of money, influence, material possessions, etc. and that kind of power is a tremendous incentive to keep one invested in playing the game.

I am coming to understand that if one is going to develop the kind of spiritual power that results in profound transformation and be guided to do so, it makes sense that it would be to serve a specific purpose.  James provides profound answers of what that purpose is for humanity. Those answers can be discovered for those willing to explore his websites.

To begin our transformation in earnest, James places great significance on living from the heart as a profoundly transformative process and has written several papers explaining the process and the importance of transforming from a self-centered focus to a heart-centered focus.  Those papers can be read or downloaded at www.eventtemples.com.

The idea resonates profoundly with me that the heart-centered focus is our way out of the Matrix.  It is the way we transform; it is the way we bring spirit into matter; living a heart-centered life is our liberation.  I have no doubt we will learn more in time how to develop from that concept more fully and a significant amount of that understanding will surely be from practicing living a heart centered life.

In some of my future blog posts I hope to talk about my own experiences in working with the principles of living from the heart namely the Six Heart Virtues that James discusses in his material, and I invite anyone else who has had experiences working with the virtues to write me.

Humanity is on a trajectory headed in a specific direction to a discovery that will change the world in a profound way. Individual transformation into a heart-centered paradigm will play a major role in laying the ground work for this discovery and the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

I share these threads to illustrate how I arrived at the concept of Sovereignty and as an example of how events can thread themselves through our personal lives, at times not seeming to go anywhere, but ultimately preparing us for some future experience that could be a game changer.

We are at Sovereignty 101 to be sure, with a long road ahead to realize the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness, but it is comforting to have finally found the thread which leads to the Road to Home.

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