We are all who have forgotten our true Selves in order to deeply experience living in the Grand Eperiment. The time has come for us as a species to awaken and begin to understand the magnitude of what it means to be sovereign. This website is dedicated to discovering and defining our Sovereignty.




What if WE have been duped and manipulated and lied to about most things we think we know?

WHAT IF we have been led to believe that there is something better beyond this world and it is really all right here hidden under an overlay of deception?   We have been led to believe that the bodies we inhabit are inferior and base.  We have been led to believe our passions are to be suspect. We have been collectively taught to mistrust everything about being human and about being physical.

WHAT IF all we have been taught is a way of keeping us from the real truth? Isn’t there a scripture somewhere about inheriting the Earth?  If that is the ultimate reward why are we led to believe there is something better beyond this planet and to pine our lives away longing for it? We might look at who or what benefits by keeping us in the dark and asleep, many living as drones, supporting the ultra-wealthy either by our toil or our afflictions.

WHAT IF the Gods-US-created a physical world to enjoy in all of its many variations?

WHAT IF as Self Realized Sovereign Beings we are able to not only inherit this amazing playground to practice creating but also be able to tune into the worlds beyond our Earth Plane while living on this Earth?

WHAT IF Earth is the ultimate Command Central for our awake and aware Sovereign Species?

WHAT IF our journey is ultimately about having both worlds at our disposal?  Would that be incentive enough to want to clean up our earth and to make laws and policies to prohibit those who want to pollute it and are bent on destroying entire species of Earthlings just for money?

What is it going to take to make us collectively give up this sick game we insist on playing and living of creating grief and drama? What is it going to take to make us realize there can be more to life than heartache? How can we grow to understand that psychological coherence and harmony are ours and develop those traits within ourselves?

Life on earth shouldn’t be about pain and sorrow. It was originally meant to be a place of splendor for us to visit, experience and enjoy. We chose to experiment with a limited vehicle but somewhere in the process we were manipulated into becoming enslaved because we were so trusting and naïve.  The story of how it all happened is part of our ancient history, and I am not talking about the Adam and Eve story.  The Great Deception is a bigger and broader story that has been drastically simplified.

The state we are in now was created and it doesn’t have to remain that way if we are willing to embrace who we are and accept our birthright.  These vehicles—our Soul Carriers—our physical bodies can be activated and freed of the limitations of the Great Deception that locked us into a very small paradigm of existence.

What would it be like to live the life of a Consciously Sovereign Being on this earth?

WHAT IF we were taken out of survival mode? What would that look like and feel like? WHAT IF fear was no longer an energy that plagued us because there was nothing to fear? WHAT IF every person had enough nourishing, non-polluted food to eat and pristine clear water to drink? Is it possible that sickness could cease to remain the rampant plague it is now? A whole paradigm of thought that centers on disease and destruction would have to transform. Isn’t that a goal worth contemplating?

If we can dream it we can become it and this is the dream I hold for this planet and for US.

During my meditations, from the core of my being outward I feel energies of Oneness surging through my body. I am learning to breathe them in and then exhale them out in all directions from the space of my heart. They are the Divine Energies of compassion, forgiveness and appreciation.  I breathe the energies in and through me and exhale them out to the grid of humanity. I offer them to become a part of the grid.  As I breathe these Divine energies out into the world little by little the old energies of greed, control and survival can be replaced by these Divine Energies of our birthright.

I am not the only one doing this. I am a part of a growing body of those who are realizing our Sovereignty and who are claiming that Sovereignty and working to bring these energies to earth. This process ignites and connects us around the world as each of us working as a Sovereign Being  begins to draw that light into our bodies and breathe it out onto our world.  The Divine energies are powerful and paradigm changing.  Why do I know this? Because I get a glimpse of them every now and then and a feeling of what life in this world can become. Those glimpses are fleeting but powerful and motivating.  It can be and is being done.

I am transforming on the cusp of a new world.  Mere hints of its splendor hover on the horizon of my consciousness.  Occasionally I get a hint of the Source Being who is my Divine Parent as I feel a vibration  surging through my body. I am at times comforted by it, but mostly in awe of the vastness it hints at and the possibility.  A new perception of what can be is forming in my psyche.  A perception I continue to nurture and encourage its expansion.  Something wonderful is happening.

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